Are men in Cornwall more romantic for Valentine’s Day than women think?!

12th February, 2017

The results from the latest What Cornwall Thinks poll throw an interesting light on Cornish people’s plans for Valentine’s Day.

On average, Cornish romantics will spend £29 celebrating Valentine’s Day this week, with men spending more than women (£33 vs £26).

More than half (55%) plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day, such as buying a card or going out for a romantic meal.  52% of us, however, are not expecting to receive anything this February 14th.

Of those who will be enjoying Valentine’s Day…

  • 85% are expecting to receive a card
  • 25% think they will get taken out
  • 21% to receive a romantic gift
  • And 23% of women are expecting flowers… versus just 6% of men.

More of us plan to do something special for our significant other than expect to be on the receiving end.  61% of men are planning a romantic gesture versus just 51% of women … of which:

  • 64% overall will send a card
  • 35% are planning to go out for a meal
  • 33% will buy a gift
  • And 41% of the men will buy flowers versus 8% of the women.

Anyone planning to use the big occasion to pop the big question didn’t feel brave enough to share it with What Cornwall Thinks, because no one said they were either planning to propose marriage or were expecting to receive a proposal! Never mind!

These survey findings come from PFA Research’s popular ‘What Cornwall Thinks’ panel survey.  The survey seeks to provide the people of Cornwall with the opportunity to provide feedback on lifestyle topics as well to influence policy, investments and business decisions within the county.

Survey topics are diverse and have included favourite places, popular charities, the most-loved Cornish brands, thoughts on train travel, electric cars and more besides.

If you would like to find out more about PFA Research’s upcoming surveys or to put your own questions to residents of Cornwall, then please contact Robert Salvoni at PFA Research.