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What Cornwall Thinks gives you the tools to make your opinions heard on local issues

Being a member of What Cornwall Thinks gives you the opportunity to have your say through topical surveys. You may even get invited to participate in special discussion groups, to test products, or be asked to contribute to media interviews.

So if you’re interested in having your say on those things that are important or interesting to you, join What Cornwall Thinks and start to make your voice heard.

Why join?

As a member of What Cornwall Thinks you will be part of an online community that has Cornwall and its communities at its heart. Being a part of What Cornwall Thinks is your opportunity to be counted; sharing your views and making your opinion known on issues concerning you, Cornwall directly and indirectly. Sometimes we may be looking for people interested in making comments to the media and you could be invited to contribute. Sometimes we will offer you an entry into a prize draw or be able to offer other rewards. But our members have told us that isn’t what makes them tick… most importantly is the fact that you will be taking part and seeing how your views compare to everyone else!

About What Cornwall Thinks

Society Cornwall was originally launched at the Royal Cornwall Show in June 2011, with support from Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust, Coodes Solicitors and Cornwall Community Foundation. The aim of the project is to create an online community of people sharing their thoughts and views on issues affecting Cornwall. Its purpose is to champion community, representing the wide and diverse opinions that people hold about the things that really matter in their lives.

What Cornwall Thinks is the natural evolution of this, taking advantage of emerging mobile and social media technology, the buzz around localism and devolution, and the real demand of consumers to be listened to by the businesses, media, organisations and authorities that serve them. It is backed by PFA Research, a respected and well-established market research company based in Penryn, Cornwall.  Through our research work in Cornwall over the last 25 years, we have worked with local authorities, charitable groups and commercial organisations and undertaken many community consultations, such as town centre shopper surveys, tourism visitor polls, and postal questionnaires about lifestyle, sense of place or opinions on how well a council performs.

For What Cornwall Thinks to work, it is important that the project operates to the highest ethical and quality standards possible. We are registered with the Information Commissioner as a handler of data and we operate with strict accordance to the Market Research Society Code of Conduct. That means we look after the data you trust us with; we don’t share personal data nor do we sell it on to other people.

Taking Part in What Cornwall Thinks

As a member of What Cornwall Thinks, you will receive invitations to take part in surveys online. Most surveys that we invite you to take part in will cover a variety of subjects, which could be anything from from what’s happening in the news to what you’re putting in your shopping basket, how you’re feeling today to what your kids watch on TV. We might even ask you what you think of the local council or the Government’s latest policy decision! The surveys will always be optional because we know that you don’t always have time to take part. And when you have taken a survey we’ll always try to feedback at least some of the results to you around the things you find interesting.  Please do tell your friends, family and colleagues all about it too, so that they too can get their views heard.

We are tremendously excited about the potential for What Cornwall Thinks to help make Cornwall truly connected, where everyone’s views are listened to for the greater good of “One and All”.

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