If you’ve been called by us…

PFA Research is a market research agency in Cornwall and carries out research in accordance with the Market Research Society code of conduct for organisations throughout the UK.

We call lots of people each week, so if you’ve been called us, it’s probably to see if you would like to take part in a research project.  Privacy is really important to us and we believe in maintaining the highest standards of integrity. Please be assured that we will not use or pass on your personal details to any third parties – you can find out more in our Privacy Policy.  

Genuine market research calls are not classed as ‘direct marketing’ calls that would normally be excluded by the Telephone Preference Service, as they generally relate to information gathering or seeking of opinions (rather than to sell or market a product or service).

If you would like us to stop contacting you, please contact us or inform the person who is calling you.  We can also exclude you from future surveys if you wish.  You can seek further guidance from the Market Research Society:  

Market Research Society (MRS)
15 Northburgh Street, London
Tel: 0207 490 4911
Fax: 0207 4900 608