Fieldwork and Tabulation

We approach every research project differently, varying our strategy according to the information you are hoping to discover.

Interviews: Interviews are an important part of our research offering. Depending on the project, we might carry out business to business (B2B) interviews, general public interviews (using an existing respondent panel), consumer interviews, customer interviews, qualitative interviews, and interviews with overseas participants.

The type of interview techniques we use depend on the research project. We are highly skilled at face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, and mixed mode interviews (getting the interviewee to switch from telephone to web to see an image etc).

Bespoke services: Some of the services we offer can’t be categorised into a certain type of research approach. We regularly get asked by clients to assist them with telephone-based projects outside of the ‘normal’ range of market research methods/survey data collection activity. For example, assisting a University client to recruit participants to assessment clinics for a longitudinal healthcare study. If you have an ‘unusual’ request, please get in touch and if we can help within the bounds of our Code of Conduct, we will be happy to discuss.

Qualitative Recruitment: Finding the right people to take part in a focus group can be time consuming for a company. Let us take the stress out of the research project by recruiting people who are appropriately engaged in the survey subject matter and will help give honest, constructive feedback to aid your research.