From October 2020, PFA Research Ltd took over the operations and assets of data collection agency Peak Answers, based in Greater Manchester.

PFA Research delivers business-to-business and social research, market analysis and programme evaluations to public and private sectors, as well as data collection services to the research industry. The incorporation of the Peak Answers business in Stockport expands PFA Research’s geographical reach as well as its client base from the UK and Europe.


By using PFA, you’ll get a strategic partner that gives you the evidence you need to make better decisions, removing doubt and uncertainty.

We’ll find out the things you want to know and tell you some ‘known unknowns’ too – with our strategic and consultative approach, we’ll bring fresh insights and see the things you can’t.

Our Agile approach allows research projects to take on new information, change direction mid-project, or to close or redesign research activities early, as necessary for the best business outcomes. Ultimately, this means you receive better value for money and in some cases research can be delivered well within the initial expected budget.

Good research is based on integrity throughout the process – in questionnaire design, sourcing of data, and collating and analysing the findings. We only select the best research staff and all calls are made from the UK. Our research frequently has a high public profile and results are designed to stand up to wider scrutiny.

It’s our independent interpretation and astute recommendations that you’ll find the most enlightening… call us on 01326 375705 to see how we can help.

Here’s more information on the PFA Research team and our training for researchers, the PFA Academy.