Our Survey Says…

Are men in Cornwall more romantic for Valentine’s Day than women think?!

The results from the latest What Cornwall Thinks poll throw an interesting light on Cornish people’s plans for Valentine’s Day. On average, Cornish romantics will... Read More

Family business in Cornwall

Family business insights

In September and October 2015 PFA Research conducted research into family run businesses in Cornwall.  We ran an online survey in collaboration with Business Cornwall magazine... Read More

Cornwall Commercial Property Research

We’ve teamed up with Business Cornwall magazine in 2015 to provide insights into the local business landscape. The first project this year was on the... Read More

Local Micros Shoot-Fire-Aim Approach To Marketing

Marketing is in a continual state of change but the issue today is the rate of this change. Traditional marketing services are rapidly being superseded... Read More

Making the most from market research in your business

Having started to be more of an active networker, I get asked often what market research is all about and who should or shouldn’t undertake... Read More

Old boots for new shoots

We note the encouraging statistics of an increase in business start-ups in 2011, according to analysis by business insurance specialist, Simply Business, and nicely summarised... Read More