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What Cornwall Thinks Local Elections Poll

Cornwall Local Elections

What Cornwall Thinks about the Cornwall Local Elections 2017 Survey conducted 26th April – 1st May 2017 Headlines: Four fifths of the WCT panel say... Read More

Cornwall’s Brexit

Do the people of Cornwall think that Brexit will be good for the county? The majority of the electorate in Cornwall voted for the UK... Read More

4% of Cornwall’s Population supports ‘Devonwall’ Constituency Proposal

4% of Cornwall’s Population supports ‘Devonwall’ Constituency Proposal

The recent proposal to create a parliamentary constituency that spans the Devon and Cornwall border has caused a great deal of debate and controversy! The... Read More

European Capital of Culture Bid has Low Levels of Support amongst Local Residents

Have you heard about the recent European Capital of Culture bid?  Cornwall Council recently confirmed that they are going ahead with a controversial bid to... Read More

Are men in Cornwall more romantic for Valentine’s Day than women think?!

The results from the latest What Cornwall Thinks poll throw an interesting light on Cornish people’s plans for Valentine’s Day. On average, Cornish romantics will... Read More

Market for Electric Cars in Cornwall looks set for Growth

The market for plug-in cars in Cornwall looks set to grow over the next 5 years.  A recent survey by PFA Research showed that just... Read More