Technologies for Market Research

Recognise the Gold Mine you’re sitting on

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6 Trends Shaping the Market Research Landscape

The market research landscape is a continually evolving metastructure of technologies, methodologies and most importantly, people. The industry is consistently learning. A raft of electronic... Read More

Decrease in Attention Span Informing Market Research Practices

In 1998 our attention spans were on average, roughly 12 minutes. By 2008 that number had decreased to a miserly five minutes and today, they... Read More

DERP Coalition…

…Or the Digital Ecologies Research Partnership, is a newly formed coalition between several large social image and news aggregation sites: Imgur: image hosting site – Alexa rank... Read More

NFC Communication

  Last year we considered the implications of Near Field Communication (NFC) in market and social research and how the burgeoning market may grow to... Read More


Recently we have been detailing social media sources and their use to market researchers. Our previous blog entries have covered use and methodology, briefly touching... Read More