New Year for What Cornwall Thinks!

4th January, 2017

With a couple of surveys already under our belt, What Cornwall Thinks is set to develop and expand in 2017. The research team at PFA are now developing a mobile App which should be launched in the Spring, and we have a number of new surveys in the pipeline. We have had some great feedback from you, our respondents, already, which we really appreciate.

One question that has come up a few times now is “Why are there seemingly unconnected questions about multiple subjects, rather than a more in-depth survey about a single subject?” This question really gets to the heart of what this is all about. What Cornwall Thinks is an “Omnibus” survey – one where multiple clients share a single survey (like lots of passengers on the same bus – hence the name!). This has three main advantages;

  • The costs are shared, making it an affordable tool for local businesses and organisations.
  • The questions are varied, hopefully making it more interesting and engaging for respondents
  • Single topic surveys often attract people who are passionate about the subject, sometimes skewing the results. Multiple topics ensure that respondents include those with a full spectrum of views.

We have lots of interest from Cornish businesses, local government and other organisations and we are very excited about the next stage of development of What Cornwall Thinks.

So, thanks again for your support and all the very best for 2017!