Businesses in Cornwall… Can you help (again) please?!

26th August, 2011

Businesses in Cornwall! Can you help please?

For a current piece of research, we’re looking for people in local businesses to join a focus group, where those businesses have either already invested in or are interested in investing in:

– energy management for their business, and/or
– low carbon or renewable energy technologies, such as solar panels, wood fuel, heat pumps, biomass boiler, etc. and/or insulation, lighting, boiler replacement, heat recovery, etc.

If this doesn’t apply to your business but would on a domestic case (or for a member of your family or a neighbour) then we’d also be keen to hear from you for a different focus group.

The group is running in a couple of weeks time – if you think you may be able to help, please drop me a line and either myself or a colleague will give you as call sometime over the next few days to check details.

Thanks! Hope everyone has a great bank holiday weekend.


Robert Rush
PFA Research Ltd
Tel. 01208 262000