Work experience vs School

15th July, 2011

My name Alex and I am doing work experience at PFA Research. Work Experience is a government scheme where a student in Year 10 or above in a school has a placement on an employer’s premises in which the student carries out a particular task or duty, more or less as would an employee, but with an emphasis on the learning aspects of the experience.

Although spending most my time on computers at PFA Research on work experience, and not moving all day to different lessons, it’s still not all too different  to Sir James Smith’s secondary school, as you still have to arrive on time and notify someone if absent and staying focused.

Being at school for only an hour less than work experience is not much difference to my usual day, so still having much spare time. However perhaps spending my time working, on the surface, doing much different things, with school I move from lesson to lesson learning whereas here, at PFA Research, I don’t move from lesson to lesson, although still learning about work, obviously through work experience.

Waking up only 30 minutes later for work experience than for school also doesn’t mess the rest of my day up, so with the actual differences between work experience and school are so significantly small, I consider them pretty much the same, with the odd bigger difference.