Hammer and Thresher/site of the week

18th July, 2011

I’m Alex and I am at PFA Research doing work experience which is a government scheme where a student in Year 10 or above in a school has a placement on an employer’s premises in which the student carries out a particular task or duty, more or less as would an employee, but with an emphasis on the learning aspects of the experience.

I have found a site for the eCornwall “site of the week”.

Hammer and Thresher is a surf technology and design company focused on the creation of surfing hardware and enhancements in our continuing mission to maximise the energy transfer from wave to rider. Hammer and Thresher is well placed to develop it to its full potential.

Being summer, I chose Hammer and Thresher as the site of the week for starters, because surfing is very appropriate during summer, especially in Cornwall. Bold striking colours on their website attracted me to believe this could be a site of the week, with the rolling pictures, the page is never still. Clever use of text referring to surfing is used as a smart technic of persuasion, giving me confidence in my choice as the site of the week, as they know their selling point, informative and also well-built website.

So overall, I think this is a site of the week because it is appropriate to summer 2011.