Introducing eCornwall

14th July, 2011

My name is Alex and I am doing work experience at PFA Research. I have been tasked to find 16 new businesses in Cornwall that are not on eCornwall, which is manually edited. Also four “sites of the week” that are particularly good websites.

Work Experience is a government scheme where a student in Year 10 or above in a school has a placement on an employer’s premises in which the student carries out a particular task or duty, more or less as would an employee, but with an emphasis on the learning aspects of the experience.

Created in 1999, eCornwall is built with old technology, however still acting as a searchable portal to easily find businesses. Although some categories used are not necessary most appropriate to 2011, eCornwall as a whole is very appropriate with more businesses being created every day, it give people more chance to see which business they would like to use. Having nearly 2,500 links in the directory, a lot of time has been taken to find them, even if it probably only represents 30%-40% of Cornish businesses with websites.