Falmouth and Penryn Business Conference

19th May, 2011

Not sure how I can end up on Matthew’s podcast two days in a row…

But here he is again, doing what he does best, at the Falmouth & Penryn Business Conference at the Falmouth Hotel this morning, interviewing a select bunch of delegates during the coffee break.

Coffee Time at Falmouth Conference

Well done to the members of Falmouth Business Club who pulled out all the stops to put on this event.

A delegation of local business people, primarily from the Falmouth and Penryn area but including people from across the county, listened to a variety of presentations from local business groups, the Port of Falmouth and speakers from UCF, University of Plymouth and University of Exeter and Superfast Cornwall.

The overwhelming message was about collaboration and self-belief to carry forward a “can do” attitude, so nicely summarised by Tim Bryant of Partner to Succeed in the workshops plenary.  Indeed, earlier in the morning over coffee, one delegate described the opportunity for Falmouth to become the ‘powerhouse’ of cornwall in terms of business and innovation.  I think he could be right.

If you want to hear various other extracts from the day, click through to here to hear more audiocasts from Kernowpods.