Royal Wedding Week – The Ring which binds them

26th April, 2011

With the Royal Wedding on Friday I have taken up the challenge to present some alternative views of the world of weddings and marriage.

There is not a lot that hasn’t been reported about the happy couple already – and I can’t give you an insider perspective as I don’t know either of them.

But I do know that Kate and William must have had lots of planning to do.  And what every wedding plan has, or should have if it’s to pass without a major glitch, – is a good LIST! And more likely, lots of them!

What a perfect opportunity … we love lists here at PFA Research – adding the order to chaos!

Let’s begin with the first sign that a wedding is imminent – The Engagement Ring.

The reported top ten most expensive engagement / wedding rings according to The Privileged Club ( are:

10 – To Jennifer Garner from Ben Affleck – $500,000

9 – To Eva Longoria from Jean Doussett – $500,00

8 – To Brooke Mueller from Charlie Sheen – $550,000

7 – To Camilla Parker from HRH Price Charles – $1 million

6 – To Jennifer Lopez from Ben Affleck – $1.2 million (Well, I were Jennifer Garner I might be a bit put out!)

5 – To Katie Holmes from Tom Cruise – $1.5 million

4 – To Catherine Zeta Jones from Michael Douglas – $2 million

3 – To Jacquline Kennedy Onassis from Aristotle Onassis – $2.6 million at auction in 1996

2 – To Melania Knauss from Donald Trump – $3+ million

1 – To Paris Hilton from Paris Kasidokostas Latsis – $4.7 million – (Is it just me or is it strange to get engaged to someone who has the same first name? However, I am somewhat impressed by the fact that Paris Hilton later auctioned the ring for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.)