Royal Wedding Week – THE Dress

27th April, 2011

I don’t mean to offend any bride, but even as a woman I have to say that a bride will spend an un-proportional (and sometimes even irrational) amount of time and money on a dress she wears only once.

I know, every bride’s mother will say that the dress was a good choice because with a little alteration and maybe a little dye it can be worn again – honestly, I have yet to meet a woman who did that.

But I do like the tradition of making the child/children’s christening gown out of the wedding dress. However, some of the dress below would probably not be suitable for this tradition.

So here is the list of the reportedly most expensive wedding dresses according to Expensive Wedding Dresses (

4-10. In no particular order:

– Wedding of Jennifer Lopez to Ben Affleck – wedding dress: unknown value, but the designer claimed it to be the most expensive she had ever made. (Remind me, wasn’t the wedding called off? And what happened to the engagement ring?)

– Imperial Pearl Syndicate gown: sports 100.000 pearls and was valued at $100.000 back in the 50’s when it was made.

– Princess Diana’s wedding dress: unknown value, designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, featuring a 25 foot long train.  (That is probably longer than most commuter trains.)

– Melania Trump’s Gown: Cost unknown, Weight = 50 pounds! (The web site also says one of the most important factors when choosing your wedding dress is comfort – I guess Melania didn’t read that.)

– Wedding of Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas: Wedding dress cost unknown, wedding total cost = $1.5. (Spending $2 million on the engagement ring but ‘only’ $1.5 million on the wedding?)

– Mauro Adami wedding dress: valued at £240.000.

– Vanisha Mittal wedding dress: Price unknown, but for the most expensive wedding in history she probably had one of the most expensive wedding dresses in world.

3 – A wedding dress decorated with Peacock feathers – $1,5 million. (No mentioning if it was worn.)

2 – A wedding dress designed by Yumi Katsura – $8.5 million. It was not reported if it was actually worn.

1 – Wedding of Renee Strauss and Martin Katz – $12 million (He deals in rare jewels and she owns a bridal salon in Beverly Hills so I guess there was a bit of an advantage compared to other couples.)

By the way, did you know that Queen Victoria, when getting married in 1840, set the ‘new’ fashion for a white wedding dress?