To add or not to add

16th March, 2011

Being a member of a business network, I get, on average, about two email requests a day asking me to ‘like’ company’s Facebook site. I understand the experts that say you have to do everything to increase your internet traffic in order to increase web browser rating etc.

But is more really better?

Nowadays a ‘like’ is seen as a recommendation. How can I recommend a business I have no personal experience off, and in some cases don’t even know what is offered.  What happened to the shop keeper saying: ‘And if you liked our service/product, please recommend us.’ To that I can sign up. But would it not be odd if a shop keeper comes running up to you in the high street shouting ‘like me, like me!’

So maybe there is room for caution before sending out a blanket request. Just ask me to have a look at your Facebook page – and if I like what I see I probably ‘like’ it without being asked.