Telephone Etiquette

23rd March, 2011


Being on the telephone is something that comes quite natural to me. To a point where I want to pick up ringing phones by reflex – which, apparently, is not welcome by everybody.

A side effect of this mild tick is that I, very much, dislike bad telephone manners! So I thought I’d share my top (or should that be bottom) five wrong number calls. By the way, these have really happened!

(Just to say, the same greeting precedes every conversation: ‘Good morning/afternoon, PFA Research, Beate speaking, how can I help?’ and every conversation has ended with the caller hanging up and me left holding the receiver rather bewildered…)

5)         The Anonymous One:

Me: ‘Good morning PFA Research, Beate speaking, how can I help?’

Caller: ‘Who is this?’

Me:’ You have reached PFA Research, how can I help? Hello? Hello?….’

4)         The Doubter:

Caller: ‘Is this <Company>?’

Me: ’I am afraid not, you have come through to PFA Research.’

Caller: ‘Are you sure?’

3)         The Non-Listner:

Caller: ‘I am calling to see when the rubbish will be picked up.’

Me: ‘I am sorry, you have reached PFA Research and not the council.’

Caller: ‘Why didn’t you say so!’ (- remember my greeting???)

2)         The Blamer:

Caller: ‘But I have called <Company>?!?’

Me: ‘I’m sorry, you must have misdialled.’

Caller: ‘So why did you pick up?’

1)         The Sarcastic One:

Caller: ‘So you are not <Company>?’

Me: ’I am afraid not.’

Caller: ‘Do you have their number?’

Me: ‘I am sorry, I don’t.’

Caller: ‘Well, thanks for nothing!’


Now, with that one out of my system, let’s move on and talk about the telesales caller…..