The Birds and our Bea

29th April, 2010

Daphne du Maurier's 'The Birds', by Tywardreath Players

Daphne du Maurier's 'The Birds', by Tywardreath Players

PFA Research is pleased to announce that they will be supporting the Tywardreath Players during their 2010 production of Daphne du Maurier’s ‘The Birds’ by helping out with audience research.

The views and opinions of users and audiences of not-for-profit and voluntary arts organisations can be essential to survival and future success. These organisations too have to plan and budget the same as any commercial enterprise.

PFA Research Projects Manager, Beate Galke, is stage managing the Tywardreath Players production this year, which is run as part of the Cornish du Maurier Festival.

Having been with PFA Research for over 12 years, Beate appreciates the value of audience and customer research and it’s no wonder that she is the driving force behind the survey.

“We have run customer surveys in the past which have given us great insight into what our audience likes and dislikes, where they come from, and what brings them back year after year. The audience experience is often different to your own – we always learn something we didn’t know!”

PFA Research has sponsored Tywardreath Players over the last few years and we have seen them deliver excellent, innovative adaptations of all of du Maurier’s most famous stories. Unfortunately because of pressures on public finances the future funding of the Festival is not guaranteed. So, just like many businesses in the current economic climate, Tywardreath Players realise that their loyal audience and customer base must not be taken for granted.

Beate says, “The audience will help to give us the answer. They know what kind of plays they would like to see from us in the future and whether we can count on their support should the Festival cease to exist.

“It’s not just about us, of course. Proceeds of the shows support local good causes such as Shelterbox, our chosen charity for this year.”

The Tywardreath Players will be performing ‘The Birds’, based on a short story by Daphne du Maurier, at Pine Lodge Gardens, St Austell, from 12 May – 22 May 2010.

The play promises the unique Tywardreath Players mixture of comedy and dark events. The audience will witness as the laws of nature are turned up side down and the fight for dominance turns into a fight for survival.

We recommend you do not miss this opportunity to see the latest play from Tywardreath Players. To book your tickets to day please call 0845 0940428 or go to