Market research is like… moving a caravan?!

12th April, 2010

Market research is like…. moving a caravan.

Well, it can be. Personally I’ve never pulled a caravan but I appreciate that it’s as much about good preparation (servicing, load balancing, stabalisation) as it is about pulling in the right direction, good co-ordination and knowing how and when to apply brakes.

Some quick considerations for applying market research:

– When you’re not sure if your product will fit the market. Take a moment, measure, adjust, move again, check….
– When you’re not sure if the timing is right. Don’t go charging in there… what could be the consequences?
– When you’re not sure of the direction. Who’s driving and where will you end up?

At those critical junctures, things can go wrong… so nicely illustrated in this video:

OK… so this blog was a lame excuse to post this video. But you get my drift!