Ask me how much you care!

20th February, 2008

There’s a deep satisfaction to be gained from running one’s own business. Especially when it comes to getting on with your boss. If you’re not satisfied with your employer then you’ve only got yourself to blame!

PFA Research has carried out a few employee satisfaction surveys in our time and it’s always interesting to see which companies make work fun and which ones seem to be a figure of fun.

These days, being at the sharp end I know how hard it can be to get it right as an employer, keeping everyone happy all the time.

And apparently, according to the findings of the latest National Employee Benchmark Survey conducted by BMRB, it gets harder to keep our employees happy as they get older.

52% of the under 30s are ‘very satisfied’ or ‘extremely satisfied’ with their employer, compared to 41% of 30-49 year olds and only 34% of those aged 50 or older.

Which is a bit of a shame because the survey also shows that as we get older we are actually more likely to enjoy the job we do: 72% of the those aged 50 or older ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ with statement “I really like the duties and activities that make up my job” compared to 64% of the under 30s.

This is all really enlightening. The problem is, for all you employees out there, how many of your bosses have actually consulted with you about how you feel and whether they’re getting the best out of you?

To my fellow employers, it’s about listening but don’t leave it too late. Remember, most people like the job they do and they’re probably good at it. After all, an exit interview is the LAST opportunity to ask!