A thing about thongs and getting angry

8th February, 2008

Opinions and percentages are a source of endless entertainment for me, and when you combine them with a good old-fashioned cup of tea, I can be lost for hours.

Despite the fact I spend my working week deciphering facts and figures, I still like to find out what the average person in the street thinks. And for me I could happily sit down in front of Family Fortunes just to find out some of the weird and wonderful answers that the 100 people respond with.

So I was taken the other day when browsing through the press that apparently 8% of the British public, aged 15 or over, get angry with other people who display their underwear in public.

You know, thongs pulled up high above someone’s jeans, that type of thing.

I was thinking to myself “why?” Why waste all that energy getting angry over something that I think is quite trivial?

And I’m sure many of you are thinking: “why even ask the question?”

But I would say “why not?”

There’s always a good reason why surveys are carried out and with further reading I found out that the survey was commissioned by Burger King as a way of promoting it’s brand new Angry Burger.

Brilliant! What a funny way of getting information out of people and helping to market a new product.

So next time your stopped in the street by someone in a hi-vis jacket, a clipboard and pen, remember to make sure your pants are hidden and what you say could affect a whole marketing campaign.