All About Camelford

15th October, 2007

A Camelford man has turned to the latest internet craze in a bid to bring local politics into the 21st Century.

Robert Rush, who has lived in the North Cornwall town for 39 years, has created a group on the popular Facebook website called, ‘All about Camelford’.

Robert Rush at Camelford

Robert Rush at Camelford

The page allows users to publicly examine issues relating to the area.

Robert started the forum, as he is eager to engage more people in local discussion.

Mr Rush, managing director of Bodmin based research company, PFA Research, said: “Facebook provides a democratic platform, everyone’s views can be expressed and seen by all.  It means important issues can be discussed openly and not behind closed doors.

“There’s always something going on, always something to talk about and naturally something to fall out over in Camelford, this is simply a sign of a healthy community, there will always be disagreements.

“So why not allow all residents the opportunity to take part in this, the more opinions and ideas the better.”

As people work longer hours as well as care for families, Robert hopes this group will make participation within public debate more convenient.

“People don’t always have the time to attend public meetings, so a forum like this is great for allowing involvement within discussion whilst fitting it into their busy lifestyle, it’s an excellent way of making politics more inclusive.

“Facebook is a way of bringing the community together, which is good since the more traditional ways of fetes and dances just don’t seem as popular.”

Being internet based, Robert hopes the new site will attract a wider audience to Camelford’s politics, especially the younger generations, who he hopes will find this form of involvement more appealing.  Suggested topics open for debate include the by-pass, windfarms and the issue of car parking within the town.

Robert would also like members to use the site to promote events and to build relationships within the community.

To join the group you simply need to go to and sign up for ‘All About Camelford’.