Radio Station Awarded Thanks to Cornish Expertise

15th March, 2007

Joseph Swain; Robert Rush

Joseph Swain; Robert Rush

Radio listeners in Hereford and Monmouthshire are looking forward to the launch of a new commercial radio station thanks to the input of two Cornish companies.

The license was awarded to Laser Broadcasting after Ofcom had been impressed by the application, which included a detailed market research survey carried out by Bodmin based PFA Research, and the former head of Pirate FM, Joseph Swain.

Over a period of three weeks PFA and Mr Swain conducted six different elements of research.

“Our role was to provide evidence of demand for the new station,” said PFA’s managing director, Robert Rush.

“It was an interesting challenge due to the short timescale, but the dedication of our team to rise to this opportunity meant that we were able to provide Laser with a full research package that allowed them to complete their application successfully.”

During the process PFA carried out a survey of listeners in the area to find out their thoughts and opinions about what a new radio station should offer.

It also carried out an investigation into data provided by RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research), the body which measures radio audience figures.

Focus groups, one in Herefordshire and one in Monmouthshire, to gain in depth analysis where held, whilst a qualitive business survey was carried out to find out if there was a commercial need for new advertising and marketing opportunities which the station would present.

“The final piece of work saw us monitoring the output of three stations in the area and analysis every piece of their broadcasts over a 12-hour period,” said Mr Rush.

“This measured how much time was spent on links, music, news and commercials.

“We’re really pleased that Laser won the license with our help, but I’d also like to thank Joseph Swain for helping us win the initial tender.

“His experience within local radio has proved invaluable. He was able to really help put the research into context. We’re now working together to provide market research packages specifically for radio.”

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