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In business, analysis drives action. Understanding your marketplace, how you are positioned compared to your competitors and what your customers want enables you to plan and implement strategies that set you apart. Call us on 01326 375705 and tell us what you need to find out.

Watergate Bay Hotel

In 2014, Watergate Bay overhauled its main in-house restaurant – from the food to the design and décor, creating Zacry’s.  Six months down the line,... Read More


Keebunga is a new product invented by James Williams – a waterproof key case to keep keys safe and protected whilst owners enjoy outdoor pursuits,... Read More

Glow Cornwall

Ahead of their media launch campaign, Glow Cornwall needed to establish baseline awareness of the project brand, and people’s attitudes and motivations towards micro renewable... Read More

Oxford Innovation

In order to support a project looking at what constitutes excellence in coaching from the client’s perspective, the Oxford Innovation team needed to understand levels... Read More

A&P Falmouth

In the shipping industry, relationship marketing is key and A&P Falmouth needed to understand how its services were perceived by a global network of intermediary... Read More

Cornish Mutual

Cornish Mutual is a mutual organisation, meaning its customers, known as Members, own the company and are very much at the heart of everything it... Read More