Oxford Innovation

Oxford Innovation specialises in helping UK businesses with high growth potential achieve outstanding results. In Cornwall alone, over 600 businesses have received coaching and experienced measurable growth through Oxford Innovation’s Coaching for High Growth programme, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

“The feedback provided to our team was super; we got the research results and real interpretation which validated our ideas."

Alan Bartlett

Oxford Innovation

In order to support a project looking at what constitutes excellence in coaching from the client’s perspective, the Oxford Innovation team needed to understand levels of awareness and perceptions amongst clients, as well as amongst a broader cross section of businesses. A trusted, independent research partner was needed to design the questionnaire, carry out the interviews and produce analysis of the findings and recommendations.

Our suggested approach

PFA Research led the questionnaire design and recommended in depth telephone interviews with clients as the most efficient and timely way to achieve a robust result from the respondents. They also suggested a collaboration with Moor Consulting to encompass specialist data visualisation of the results and qualitative interviews with stakeholders.

In addition, telephone interviews were conducted with an independent sample to form a market awareness and benchmarking base.

Outcomes of the research

The research findings confirmed the hypotheses of the Oxford Innovation team with anecdotal evidence, facts and figures and provided clarity on specific areas of interest. The specialist data visualisation provided by Moor Consulting delivered an engaging way to understand and interpret the data.

How it made a difference

The research gave the Oxford Innovation team analysis to inform their strategic plans; bringing scale to their evidence base, focusing resources on ‘what works’ and providing confidence in the service offerings.