A&P Falmouth

“In our industry, repeat business is key; the customer really is king. PFA accessed and engaged with our global agents and customer base. They got to the people we needed to talk to and as a result we’re much more aware of the key issues in how we deal with our agents now.”

Peter Child

Managing Director

A&P Falmouth

In the shipping industry, relationship marketing is key and A&P Falmouth needed to understand how its services were perceived by a global network of intermediary agents, to ensure the future success of the business.

Our suggested approach

PFA conducted qualitative research surveys with overseas agents and new customer prospects to understand client perceptions and the factors that motivated decision making. It was important to reach the right people, who were located globally, and were notoriously hard to get hold of!

Outcomes of the research

The research provided evidential proof of the agents’ experiences. A follow up organisational conference was used to inform future messaging content, allowing A&P to cement relationships with its agent network. 

How it made a difference

The insights provided to A&P enabled it to develop customer engagement strategies and ultimately improve its relationships with agents, to sustain future business.