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To add or not to add

Being a member of a business network, I get, on average, about two email requests a day asking me to ‘like’ company’s Facebook site. I... Read More

Countdown to Twestival

PFA Research is pleased to be supporting Twestival Cornwall 2011 this 24th March. The beneficiary for Twestival Cornwall 2011 is the Cornwall Community Foundation, a... Read More

Generalise at your own risk

I enjoyed this blog by Conversition Strategies in response to the New York Times article, “Tracking the National Mood Through Twitter.” It challenges how the... Read More

The Researcher: Summer 2009 Newsletter

Every penny counts, which is why PFA Research has been engaged by several organisations to survey their customers and find out exactly what makes them... Read More

The Researcher: Spring 2009 Newsletter

We’ve had a busy few months with some exciting new business wins and publishing the fascinating results from the South West Business Pulse. In this... Read More