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Social Media as a Tool?

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Customer Opinion + Social Media = Child’s Play?

Many of you are probably familiar with the letter Lily (age 3 1/2) sent to Sainsbury’s to ask why Tiger Bread is called Tiger Bread... Read More

Spell this way

Sometimes I feel like a spent an unjustifiable amount of time getting the wording in emails or other forms of communications right and I will... Read More

Here’s Looking At You

Following the hacking of the Sony Playstation Network, where personal information of up to 100m individuals was potentially compromised and the current debate on twitter... Read More

Social Media: A bubble waiting to burst?

Like many people I use social media. In my case it is the seemingly omnipresent Facebook but I’ve also subscribed to Friends Reunited, MySpace and... Read More

Calling Early Adopter No.729281

Loved the email I just received from Reid Hoffman, Co-founder and Chairman of LinkedIn. Mr Hoffman's email delivered the news that this week LinkedIn signed... Read More