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Value your Managers!

Another month rolls through and your inbox is swamped with email. The next browser tab is Twitter: inbox and notifications full. Next tab is Facebook:... Read More

Big Data Not The End

We have been somewhat unabashed in positive analysis of big data on the PFA-Research blog. Understanding the scope of big data analytics and the effect... Read More

Brand and Social Media

Think of a brand you like. Now think of one you love. Or try for one that you dislike, and then one that you hate.... Read More

Implicit MRX Privacy

Following on from our blog exploring implicit research in the mobile research era, we considered it prudent to explore physiological privacy when contributing data to... Read More

Implicit MRX

The transition of mobile research as ‘the next big thing’ to a tool we cannot do without has passed. In fact, the limitations of traditional... Read More

MRX: The Next Generation

The future of market research is being decided today. The decisions we take as active participants in market research practices will continue to shape the... Read More