The Cornwall Museums Partnership

“PFA handled our difficult brief well. Everything was delivered on time and to budget, which was no mean feat – the deadline was quite horrific!”

Sarah Ferrie

For Cornwall Museums

The Cornwall Museums Partnership asked PFA to carry out qualitative research into the general public’s attitudes towards culture and museums to gain a clearer understanding of:

  • Motivation in making decisions about leisure time activities
  • The barriers/triggers to visiting a museum/gallery
  • Local attitudes to culture
  • Unprompted attitudes to the individual brands/venues
  • Visitor crossover between museums
  • Opportunities for additional targetted communication

Our suggested approach

PFA Research suggested a survey to its online community, Society Cornwall, to discover attitudes on how they like to spend leisure time. This was then used (along with in street face to face) to recruit participants for a more qualitative approach of six focus groups to bring the human aspect into the findings already present. PFA Research worked as a research partner closely with the Cornwall Museums marketing team to be able to present the client at its best and raise positive awareness. 

Outcomes of the research

The research findings were presented to the Cornwall Museums steering group, providing insights into public perceptions, the challenging areas to address and also confirming existing knowledge in some areas.

How it made a difference

An action-planning workshop was held at the end of the project, providing focus on how to take the outcomes forward.