Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join up or register with What Cornwall Thinks?

If you are interested in becoming a member of What Cornwall Thinks please complete and submit the registration form. Once submitted you will receive an email asking you to confirm your request. After confirming your membership you will be a member of the What Cornwall Thinks Panel and will be informed about available surveys, opinion polls, prize draws and the latest newsletters.

Do I have to pay anything?

No. Being a member of the What Cornwall Thinks Panel is completely free – you will not be asked for any payment. Nor will you be asked to buy anything or endorse anything. We are only interested in your thoughts and opinions which we will collect through surveys, but you will always have the choice of whether you want to participate or not.

What’s in it for me?

As a member of What Cornwall Thinks you will be part of an online community that has Cornwall and consumer issues at its heart. Being a part of What Cornwall Thinks is your opportunity to be counted; sharing your views and making your opinion known on issues concerning you, Cornwall directly and indirectly. Sometimes we may be looking for people interested in making comments to the media and you could be invited to contribute. Sometimes we will offer you an entry into a prize draw or be able to offer other rewards. But our members have told us that isn’t what makes them tick… most importantly is the fact that you will be taking part.

Who runs the panel?

The What Cornwall Thinks Panel is owned, run and administered by PFA Research Ltd., a professional market research company based in Penryn, Cornwall. PFA Research has been providing specialist market research services since 1991. More information on PFA Research Ltd is available throughout this website.

Who will see my answers?

Your personal information is held by PFA Research Ltd in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and will only be made accessible to senior members of the management. Your personal contact data will never be sold to, or shared with, any third party organisation. Answers to surveys will be analysed in an aggregated format to maintain your confidentiality. We may occasionally extract comments from surveys but we will never identify the individual making them. All surveys will be undertaken in complete accordance with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.

Will you try to sell me something?

No. The only thing What Cornwall Thinks will ever ask of you is your opinion. At no point will anybody try to sell you anything via the What Cornwall Thinks Panel nor will we release your personal data to any third party for sales or any other purpose.

Who will have access to the panel?

Only PFA Research Ltd will have direct access to the What Cornwall Thinks Panel. However, other public or private sector organisations may submit questions to surveys or hire the services of PFA Research Ltd to run a survey among the What Cornwall Thinks panel members. However, at no time will anyone other than the senior management of PFA Research have any direct access to the panel or any of your personal information.

What if I want to leave the panel?

You can leave the panel at any time if you so wish. We will always make sure there is an unsubscribe link on the emails we send you and if you want to leave at any other time then the easiest way is to contact us. You will be removed from the panel immediately to make sure you do not receive any further survey invitations, newsletters or other correspondence from us.

Do I have to do every survey you send me?

No, not at all. We understand that our members are busy people and some days you just get far more emails than you have time for. So we try to keep surveys as short as possible so they don’t become too much of a burden on your time. You are free to choose which surveys you take and those you miss out. However, we would encourage you to be as active within What Cornwall Thinks as your time permits.

Can my friend join the panel?

Yes, the panel is open to all residents of Cornwall over the age of 16. All they have to do is to fill in the What Cornwall Thinks registration form.

I’m not very opinionated about things. Will my views count?

Absolutely! What Cornwall Thinks is interested in the opinions of everyone. No matter how strong – for us, every view counts.

I’m very opinionated about things. Will I get excluded if my views are too strong?

So long as views are expressed with integrity, respect and are contributing to the debate, then all viewpoints are welcomed. Indeed, we appreciate that society is made up of a rich tapestry of opinions. However, we do reserve the right (as you would expect of us) to remove abusive, defamatory, obscene, discriminatory, harassing, unlawful or otherwise unacceptable content or comments.

How long do I have to be a member for / is there a minimum length of membership?

There is no minimum or maximum period of membership for the What Cornwall Thinks Panel. You can resign from the panel at any given time or stay on the panel indefinitely.

Do I have to live in Cornwall to be a member?

We’re especially interested in residents of Cornwall but we also know that people come and go from the Duchy and there are lots of people living in other places who have a connection with Cornwall. So anyone can be a member of What Cornwall Thinks but we ask you to tell us where you live so we can make sure you only ask you relevant questions. Sometimes we only want the opinions of those who don’t currently live in Cornwall!

How can I contact What Cornwall Thinks?

You can email us on, telephone us on 01326 375705 or please click here for further contact information for PFA Research Ltd.

The question I want to ask isn’t listed here. What do I do?

Please get in touch and we will endeavour to answer your question and add it to this list of FAQs!